Professional Cabinet and Door Refinishing in San Diego

When it comes to staining or painting cabinets and doors, M.M. Painting Services has the expertise that you need. Whether you need painting, staining or wood finishing; the key to a beautiful finish when dealing with new wood is to begin with a thorough sanding and cleaning. Before painting, new cabinets and doors must be primed before any topcoats are painted. When needed, well sand again after priming the cabinet or door to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. The cabinet or door is then painted with as many coats as needed to achieve the best look.

With new cabinets, our painters usually remove all the cabinet doors and paint or stain them separately, however, this is not always the case. Each home is unique and every house has its own special conditions, though we will always find a solution that works for you.

Finishing new cabinets and doors requires the application of a stain and a clear finish after all the sanding and cleaning has been taken care of. We will also sand between the second and third clear finish coat to achieve a perfectly smooth end result. Our painters spray the clear finish using a conventional or HPLV (High Pressure Low Volume) sprayer; both require expert technique and experience.

When dealing with previously painted or stained cabinets and doors, M.M. Painting Services must access every situation according to the existing conditions. It is not always necessary to sand previously painted wood and in some cases can be damaging. The expert painters on our staff have the professional experience to address just about every different scenario.

Refinishing Testimonials

refinishing in san diego Phebe, Encinitas

Thank you, Marcio. The bathroom looks very good. We appreciate your being able to do it so quickly.

north county refinishing san diego Ray, La Costa

Dear Marcio & Crew- What an exceptional job, well done. Quite - clean - congenial - Thank you so much! Will use you as a referal anytime!

san diego refinishers Jerry A, Carlsbad

Thank you for doing such a great job! It was nice to finally meet you in person. Take care!